First off, how old is your battery? Most batteries have a shelf life of five years.
If yours is less than 5 years old, and still needs a jump it could be this: When you travel for work or play and your car just sits, your vehicle’s computer still draws off the battery, even when it’s not running. Best way to keep your battery life up is to …Read More

Is it really that important to get regular oil changes?

Oil changes are the most important maintenance element  of all when it comes to your car. All vehicles have gaskets and seals that work best when fresh/new oil is replenished. Plus, there are additives and chemicals in oil that give the seals what they need so they do their jobs …and don’t leak.

One a leak happens, gaskets and seals need to be replaced, which is usually more expensive than the cost of regular maintenance.

As your car ages and clocks more miles, consider using a high-mileage oil an added bonus to keeping your car reliable. The high-mileage oil has additional chemicals to help with aging seals.

Ask us about the type of oil your car needs when you’re next in for our comprehensive oil change service.

Just like engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid, Brake fluid wears. Over time this leaves the brake system vulnerable to corrosion, and that can damage the

…Read More

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