• Brake Fluid

    Why is it important to flush my brake fluid?
    Just like engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid, your brake fluid wears out and needs a fresh replacement. Keeping your brake fluid past its prime will actually leave your entire brake system vulnerable to corrosion, which could damage your anti-lock brake system.and the metal components. Usually the factory recommendation suggests flushing your brake fluid every 2 years or 30K miles. When was the last time you had your brake fluid flushed?

  • Regular Oil Changes

    Why is it important to stay on schedule for my oil changes?
    Oil changes are the most important maintenance element of all when it comes to your car. Period.

    All vehicles have gaskets and seals that work best when fresh/new oil is regularly replenished. There are additives and chemicals in oil that give the seals what they need so they do their jobs …and don’t leak.

    One a leak happens, gaskets and seals need to be replaced, which is usually more expensive than the cost of regular maintenance.

    As your car ages and clocks more miles, consider using a high-mileage oil an added bonus to keeping your car reliable. The high-mileage oil has additional chemicals to help with aging seals.

    Ask us about the type of oil your car needs when you’re next in for our comprehensive oil change service.

  • Battery Life

    Why do I always have to jump my car when I return from vacation?
    Most batteries have a in-service life of about five years.

    And did you know that when you travel for work or play and your car just sits, that your vehicle’s computer still draws energy off the battery?

    It does. Even when it’s not turned on.

    Best way to keep your battery life up is to use a trickle charger. Or you can disconnect the negative terminal if you aren’t going to be driving it while away on vacation or out of town.

    Automotive batteries aren’t actually designed to be depleted and recharged multiple times. Doing so will actually shorten the life of your battery.

  • Tire Pressure

    Do I need to pay attention to tire pressure?

    Keeping your tires at the proper pressure (PSI, or pounds per square inch) will give you better fuel economy and even tire wear. Most tire PSI recommendations are located in the driver’s side door jamb.

    Tire pressures will fluctuate when the weather changes, so it’s a good practice to check your tire pressure at the changes of the seasons.[/column_1]

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